Ride Me Hard

by Shari Slade (Author)

When a big scary biker shows up at Jimmy’s Diner fifteen minutes before the end of my shift–covered in tattoos and looking at me like I’m on the menu–I should flip the open sign to closed.

But I don’t.

I’m too used to doing what I’ve been told. Too used to working and struggling and surviving to do anything different. A closed sign wouldn’t stop him anyway. He’s here to collect a debt. And I’m the only one left to pay.


(MILF Sex Stories) Amber O’Hara’s Young Sportsman

by Juliana Finn (Author)

A harried office lady and frumpy divorced mother leads a double life as a sexy MILF sex worker, Amber O’Hara. Non-Amber occasionally attends her son’s school events where she worries she will bump into one of Amber’s clients and is also preoccupied with everything she has to get done in time so her son can leave on an overseas trip for school.

Meanwhile a young milf hunter, the same age as her son, visits this redhead milf in her boudoir and the pleasure is largely hers as she shows him a thing or two. But Amber discovers she has more in common with this delicious young man than mutual sexual interest. And how does Amber get proof that all that she has taught him about pleasing women has been put to good use?


Desperate and Taken by Strangers in Public at a Highway Rest Stop Bathroom

by Sharon Dix (Author)

Frustrated with dating after a string of disappointing beta boyfriends, curvy college girl Faith is taking a road trip to get away from it all. But when she stops at a highway rest stop to relieve her full bladder, she finds herself in a desperate situation—the women’s bathroom is out of service!

On the verge of wetting herself, Faith decides to try the men’s room, even though she knows there’s a whole gang of burly bikers inside! Fortunately, these hot alpha males don’t seem to mind having a cute, curvy girl in the men’s room. In fact, they’re happy to let her relieve herself—but only if she’ll do the gang a few favors first…


Abducting Abby

by S. E. Smith (Author)

Abby Tanner is content to live on her mountain creating her beautiful works of art and enjoying the peace and quiet. All of that changes when a strange golden space ship crash lands on it. Now, Abby has to deal with a golden ship, a tortured alien, and an insane local sheriff.
Zoran Reykill knew he had to find a safe place to heal after he escapes from a Curizan military post. When his symbiosis mothership takes him to an unknown planet he finds more than he expects – he finds his true mate. The only problems are Abby doesn’t understand a thing he says and the local sheriff wants her too. There is only one thing the King of Valdier can do, abduct his true mate.
Now Zoran has his hands full trying to keep his true mate safe in his own world while trying to help her accept her new life. He will need all the help he can get to help his stubborn human accept she can make a life in a place other than her mountain back on Earth. He just needs to keep her alive long enough to enjoy it and away from the other males on his planet who wouldn’t mind helping her accept her new sensual body.
One thing he knows he will never regret – abducting Abby.


Controlled: Cyborg Slave 1

by Steele Star (Author)

A big beautiful servant has signed away all her rights to enter the multibillionare D’arke household. But when the family’s massive, muscular and dominant alpha male sons – arrogant blond Beau and intimidating dark Max – order her to service them sexually, she discovers the rich are not human. Especially sexually. This 6,900 word story includes highly explicit oral and double penetrative sex, restraint and submission. It is intended only for those 18 and older.


A Step Away

by Amy Ward (Author)

Britney doesn’t get why the guy she grew up with is so cold to her.
When he finally moves out, she is both relieved and sad they have finally gone their separate ways since, despite his treatment of her, she always harbored a taboo crush on him.

She starts saving up for college by doing a number of odd jobs, and when she takes a job as a sexy maid, she can’t believe her luck when she comes face to face with a very familiar first client, and is prepared to make sure the one who got away takes her innocence hard and unprotected!


My mother in law’s lover

by S M Mala (Author)

My mother in law, Joan, is a thorn in my side. I’m her son’s widow and mother of one.

I truly want a relationship with a man I can trust… and I need some sex as it has been a long… long… long… time.

The problem is I can’t find a man who wants me and who I want, leaving me deflated and sexually frustrated… then I meet Hal.

Now he’s everything a woman would want, handsome, successful and most importantly, he knows how to push my buttons in and out of bed… there’s only one little problem… he’s sleeping with Joan.

It’s a love triangle at an ever so warped angle but it’s one that’s worth the challenge because when you desperately need someone, anyone can be better than no-one… unless it’s your mother in law’s lover…


Why Ask Me

by Syriah Young (Author)

There were several ups and downs in Lynn, the 20 year old pretty high school girl’s life. She loses her parents in a motor accident and is forced to live with her poor Aunt. Being young and a bit of a thrill seeker she joins a dare-devil gang and is forced to do a bit of shoplifting and is very unfortunate to be caught and prosecuted. It forces her to abandon her high school carrier. She finds a job in a dress boutique and works her way up to be the manageress. Being promoted she celebrates the event with her boy friend and in her exuberance she surrenders her virginity to him.
Thereafter Lynn finds herself being blackmailed by one of her high school girl’s who happened to be the gang leader of the shoplifters. With the help of her boss lady and her best friend Terri they are able to trap the hard core shoplifter and get her arrested. Once again it was celebration time; Lynn celebrated her second chance in life with her boy friend once again by surrendering her body and soul to him.


BOOK 1 – Bad Boy

by Jamie Lake (Author)

Peter never thought things would get so tough that he’d need to give out sensual massages in secret in order to make ends meet. He’s a kindergarten teacher and a good one who loves his job. But being a sensual masseuse by night, hot as it may be, is not exactly his dream. All he wants is a nice quiet life and the love of a great guy, a family, and someone who will love him from the heart and accept him without judgment. But when the school slashes his hours in half and no other jobs are available, the opportunity to give sensual massages to men under a secret name seems like the best way out of his current situation at least for now.


Practice with My Coach

by Gillian Cherry (Author)

When her dreams of being an Olympic gymnast and receiving a sports scholarship are dashed, Jamaican-born Angelique turns to pole dancing to support herself and pay her college tuition. She knows Ryan, her handsome, muscular gymnastics coach, has secretly watched her performances at the Down & Dirty from the darkness of the back of the bar. She’s had a crush on him for years and concocts a scheme to make him her first.

Ryan likes the look of his young gymnastics student, but being older and her teacher, he struggles with his taboo desires. When Angelique fakes a fall and collapses naked in his arms during practice, will he be able to resist her exotic charms?


Initiated on Video Book 3: Rented

by F.J. Smith (Author)

Alpha Psi Omega needs money fast. Luckily, Mike Sullivan, fraternity president, recognizes the goldmine right under their noses (not to mention other body parts). Josh’s special talents are perfect for porn videos, and Mike knows just the guy to help make him a star. Little does he know that the powerful head of Captive Studios plans to personally teach Josh just how much fun it can be to call a man “daddy,” both in bed and on the screen.


Controlled: Cyborg Slave 1

by Steele Star (Author)

A big beautiful servant has signed away all her rights to enter the multibillionare D’arke household. But when the family’s massive, muscular and dominant alpha male sons – arrogant blond Beau and intimidating dark Max – order her to service them sexually, she discovers the rich are not human. Especially sexually. This 6,900 word story includes highly explicit oral and double penetrative sex, restraint and submission. It is intended only for those 18 and older.



by Nolan Graham (Author)

A quick and dirty, hot and hard snapshot of a day (night, actually) in the life of our traveling friend – as much of it as he can remember, anyway. He’s not much in the mood for long, drawn out narration here, so go easy on him and don’t expect a lot of superfluous bullshit. There’s a reason it’s called a short story; it gets to the point. And isn’t that the point? Don’t read it if you’re not ready. But you are ready, aren’t you? Isn’t that the point?


Stepbrother: Alpha Billionaire

by Stephanie Brother (Author)

Felix. The alpha-male billionaire. He didn’t pay any attention to me, but why would he? The Prom King. The captain of the football team. A girl like me? I wasn’t even on his radar.

Not until he knew he couldn’t have me.

When our parents got married, everything changed. Felix and I moved in together. We became step siblings. My secret desire became my forbidden taboo. I hid it away. Denied it existed. Tried to ignore my feelings and move on, but I couldn’t.


Her Billionaires: Boxed Set

by Julia Kent (Author)

FROM NEW YORK TIMES AND USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR JULIA KENT–all FOUR episodes of the bestselling series in ONE boxed set!


“Hot, luscious woman who can suck a golf ball through forty feet of garden hose seeks rippling-ab’d firefighter who has a tongue that thrums like a hummingbird and enjoys painting my toenails and eating Ben & Jerry’s out of the carton while watching Orange is the New Black.”

Curvy business analyst Laura Michaels stared at the online dating site’s registration screen and frowned. That’s what she really wanted to write. By the time her best friend, Josie, edited and clicked “Send,” her personals ad was more fantasy than reality.


A Birthday Present

by Evelyn Rose (Author)

Mira and Sam lead a harmonic and lustful relationship, full of passion and sex. To spicen things up even more, Sam decides to invite Mira’s former high school friend Ann to her birthday, to fulfill Mira’s long had wish of a threesome. But things do not turn out exactly as anticipated and the young couple finds itself in the sex adventure of their lives.


Hunted: Tiger Billionaire Book 1

by Suki Selborne (Author)

This is Book 1 of the 4-part COMPLETED Tiger Billionaire series
Curvy admin assistant Finola Malley is having the worst Friday night. First she breaks up with her boyfriend. Then she’s called back to her London office for an overtime all-nighter. Life sucks right now.
But Finola’s life is about to change forever. That night, she finds herself catapulted into terrible danger… and straight into the arms of Sebastian Chase, the hottest man she’s ever met in her life. Who just happens to be walking around a parking lot naked.


Bless This Love

by S M Mala (Author)

Suri and the church ‘All Angels’ have never seen eye to eye. For the past decade, she associates all bad things that have happened to her is down to that hallowed ground.

And she won’t ever step foot in it again.

But constantly she is drawn to the spot that changed her life. And if the Lord wasn’t winding her up enough, she notices a handsome jogger, Joe, who she thinks is an angel of temptation.

Redemption is not her thing.


Club Miami

by Layla Wilcox (Author)

Recent college graduate David Hauser is on his way to medical school. During a short home visit, he decides beautiful Andrea Whitney, his 34-year-old neighbor and star of his teenage wet dreams, is the woman he’s willing to fight for. He expected trouble from Andrea’s biker ex-boyfriend, but he had no idea so many others would also try to change his mind—especially people whose support he thought he could count on.

Like many handsome young bucks, David acts with his heart (and, well, you-know-what) first. Will anyone, including Andrea, be able to convince him to use his head as well? It may take David a few visits to Club Miami to work it all out.


Romance: Trysts No. 1: Dr. Carter & Mrs. Sinn

by Rosetta Bloom (Author)

Mrs. Sinn has been having heart palpitations and is in need of advice, so she seeks out the muscular, handsome Dr. Carter. The very forward Mrs. Sinn implores the good doctor to figure out the cause of her problems.

Initially nervous that he might be crossing the line, the doctor eventually warms up to Mrs. Sinn and takes an unorthodox approach in diagnosing his patient.

This story sizzles as doctor and patient heat up the exam table.