Ejaculation SNIPER

Chibunna Okechukwu (Author)

You Are About To Discover How To Have A Super Sex And Also Last An Extra 20 – 40 Minutes In Bed Instantly… And Also Make Premature Ejaculation A History Forever.
Discover The Secrets Of Top Porn Stars And Put A Permanent Stop To That Early Ejaculation Or Risk Losing Your Partner To The Next Smart Dude.
How Will You Feel If You Are Able To Last Up To An Hour In Bed, At The Same Time, Give Her The Best Sex Of Her Entire Life?
Imagine This: You noticed that your partner is not interested in you or has just cheated on you. When you try to make her explain reasons for her actions, she looked into your eyes and said it’s because you are not satisfying her the way she wants it or you don’t last long in bed.


Keeping Her Love: A Romantic Intrigue

Tiger Hill (Author)

Rhett Williams and Tula Florian are two young adults in love. Their bond is deep, and they’re ready to take the next step towards an engagement. When Rhett is introduced to the family, everything seems to be going quite well–except for the way Tula’s brother glares at him. Perturbed but wanting everyone’s approval, Rhett tucks away his suspicions and puts on a happy face. It’s only when Rhett proposes to Tula that strange things start happening. Leading up to the wedding day, the couple feel as if they’re being torn apart because of the bad circumstances happening to them. Desperate and furious, Rhett knows he must do something.


A Billionaire’s True Love: Discovering Love (Part 1)

Danielle Jamesen (Author)

It was the day of the huge pep rally at university and as usual I was getting serious stage fright which I know is unusual for a cheerleader but I had my own way of staring that fear in the face as long as it was on time and talked me out of it just before going out to perform. The lethal weapon against my stage freight was named David and though David had his differences from my group of friends I never went on stage without talking to him. You see David is what some people like to call a nerd, he was really into math and science and other stuff like that and though some people like to think that the ingredients that make him up are the cause of social suicide I grew up with all that social awkwardness. You see, my name is Elizabeth and my closest friends call me Beth for short. My dad is a part of the billionaire club which is part of the reason I am so popular, the reason I know David is because his father John works for my dad in his billion dollar business as a sales manager.


Perla Rosada (Spanish Edition)

N. S. Luna (Author)

Emma es una exitosa empresaria de treinta y dos años, inteligente, hermosa, con una vida acomodada y gustos un poco peculiares.
Leo es un publicista de veinte y siete, creativo, talentoso, sensible, lleno de proyectos y ganas de empezar a vivir la vida.
Juntos van a empezar una apasionada relación en la que la búsqueda de placeres ocultos, los hará explorar límites y fantasías que ni se imaginaban.


By Love Released: Book One

Cate Thorne (Author)

“Rafe’s first thought was that he wanted to paint her as a Nile River goddess, her shimmering dreadlocks fanned around her head like sunrays.”

Shawna Franklin’s life is challenging… taking care of her teenage brother and working hard in low paying, part-time jobs that barely cover the rent. It’s worth it though. She’s determined Jamie won’t end up like their deadbeat, druggie mother, or worse.

Each month, she earns a few extra dollars posing nude for a SoMa art studio. A proud and stunningly beautiful African American woman, she doesn’t like exposing herself to strangers like that. But it’s legitimate work and she’d do anything for her kid brother.

Rafe Adams has it made. A former marketing executive, he’s a handsome white male who cashed out early and will never have to work another day in his life. It’s all about the finer things in life now, with plenty of money and time to pursue what he loves, including his passion for art. There’s only one thing missing, and money can’t buy it.


Route 66

51Py2fS6GBLM.V. Gaius (Author)

Thelma and Louise were tame nuns compared to the beautiful and wild Cassandra and Rebecca. Home for the summer from college, their tiny redneck hometown was not big enough to hold the attentions of these two beauties for three long hot boring months. Deciding to hitch-hike to California they embark on an incredible erotic cross country adventure involving car jackings, naked riots, seduced Mormons and a depraved hypnotist as they head west on the most famous highway in America.

This book is full of femdom, teasing and CFNM adventures and is also available in the anthology “Hell Week Humiliation and other Femdom Stories”.


Liquid Courage

Alina Falls (Author)

Alice never expected her strong feelings for the man of the house, Teddy, to cause her entire world to fall apart. Her internal struggle drove her close to insanity, and a stolen bottle of gin seemed to be the only antidote that could save her from these naughty thoughts.

Her temporary loss of clarity intensifies her problems when she’s caught sneaking into her own house with nowhere to hide. Teddy has no choice but to teach this little brat a lesson she’ll never forget.

Warning: This story contains incredibly taboo themes that are too explicit to mention. All characters are of legal age and this story is for mature audiences only.


Scott’s Solace (Lightning Saga)

Pamela Lyn (Author), Lyn Brittan (Author)

When Jessica left the farm to start over in the city, she had her future all laid out. Too bad her plan for success went from super awesome to complete crap in twenty seconds, and all because of that stupid lightning catcher, Scott Ares. He looked a lot different from their small town days, all suited up and stuff, and it’s not necessarily a bad look…

The only thing standing between Scott and his plan to destroy his father is Jessica Freaking Solak. The nerd he knew then and the tattooed motorcycle riding chick in front of him now couldn’t be more different. Still, she’s in the way and has gotta go. Although, it shouldn’t cause too much drama if he kissed her once or twice first.


Love for Dessert (Contemporary Romance)

Kate Goldman (Author)

When Anastasia Emmott learns of her best friend’s engagement, she hopes that her own boyfriend of three years will propose. But instead of giving her a ring, he breaks her heart by leaving her for another woman two weeks before their anniversary. If that wasn’t bad enough, Anastasia receives news that she may be demoted to a terrible position in her accounting firm. She decides that finally, she needs change in her life. She quits her job and, much to the chagrin of her mother, starts up her very own bakery. After several disastrous dates, Anastasia begins to realize that the dating game is much harder than it used to be. But when Anastasia’s best friend, Ariana, pushes her to enter a baking contest, she meets Darren King, a handsome baker who has just started at the competing bakery across the street. Anastasia is swept away by his dashing good looks, charming personality and masterful baking skills. What Anastasia doesn’t know is that Darren is an undercover agent, planted in the bakery to gather evidence against a drug kingpin that has been operating out of his bakery. When Anastasia becomes involved by accident and her name is put on the hit list of the city’s biggest drug gang, there is no one but Darren to save her.


Forbidden Duties (Taboo Work for the Man of the House)

Q.R. Braddock (Author)

Working for the man of the house used to mean picking up her room. Now he signs her paycheck. Elise thought working for James was just going to be a way to make a little money, but it turns out he expects a lot more from his secretaries than speedy typing. Forbidden or not, she’s determined to meet every one of his taboo demands.

This ~4800 word short is for adult audiences only and contains explicit sexual material, including forbidden loves so hot and taboo, you’ll just have to click “Look Inside” to see what it’s all about. In addition, it contains themes of offices and extraordinary secretarial work.


A Stiff Drink

C.K. Jones (Author)

Erik, a shy waiter, is closing up his empty diner one night when he gets a last minute customer. A devastatingly handsome marine walks in and wants just a single piece of pie.

Or so he says.

Turns out the stranger wants much more than pie from sweet Erik. Before Erik can even ring up the bill, he finds the marine giving him all sorts of dirty commands. Erik is soon on his knees at the back of the restaurant, serving the marine an entirely special ‘meal’.

What’s gotten into shy Erik? Well, he’s just learned how much he loves being bossed around by a dominant, hot soldier.


Pirate Queen Penelope Takes On The Royal Navy

Q.R. Braddock (Author)

Of all the treasures I’ve coveted in my illustrious career, my virtue is the one I hold most dear. But the navy holds no love for pirates, and no treasure is worth my life. If I’m to be hanged in the morning, then this is no time for modesty, and my wit and nubile young body are the only weapons I have to use against my brutish captors and their dashing captain. Will it be enough? It has to be. But if it isn’t, at least I’ll spend my last hours learning pleasures of the flesh that would make even my hardened pirate crew blush like maidens.

Pastor Ryan Helps Out

Katie Ayres (Author)

Pastor Ryan’s sister-in-law is having marriage problems and she thinks he can help but God doesn’t always answer prayers in the way the devout expect. Pastor Ryan is going to have his work cut out for him but he knows God will work with him to make Janice’s dreams of motherhood come true.

Warning: Graphic language and explicit sex scenes in this naughty story of taboo pastor erotica. ADULTS ONLY!


Desire Part Three

Ava Alexia (Author)

Matthew Edelston has everything a man could want. A private estate in Aruba, race horses, private jets. But now he wants Tess with her spit and vinegar attitude and all.

Tessa Zepler comes from an oil family worth billions. But she’s a maverick trying to make it on her own as a fashion photographer.

Will Tess’ sense of adventure keep her away from Matt? Or will Matt and Tess finally give in to their undeniable desire?


Rapture: A Billionaire BWWM Romance

Jada Jordan (Author)

Shalisa “Shay” Monroe is a beautiful woman of African American and Italian descent. She’s a classically trained chef in need of employment. She’s busy looking for a job, not a man.

Until she meets dashing billionaire River McAlister, the new co-owner of a trendy restaurant in New York City. He offers her a job as head chef for his restaurant.

Shay and River fall hard and fast for each other. Her job and life are perfect until River’s partner, Theo, brings his ex-con brother Nicky to work in the restaurant.


Cuckolded by my Black Boss

Emilia Steele (Author)

When Andre’s house is being remodeled, Jim’s wife Mary is quick to invite Jim’s domineering black boss into their home. Jim can hardly stand the arrogant, cocky jock, but to his surprise his reserved and shy wife takes a liking to him, hanging on his every word and obeying his every whim..

The ebony stud quickly takes control of the household… and Jim is powerless to stop him.


Day & Knight: The Club Risqué Chronicles

Kay Marie (Author)

For curvaceous beauty Day Jamison, life can’t get any worse. She is broke, lonely and still grieving the death of her first love. When she encounters one of the owners for Atlanta’s premiere upscale gentlemen’s club, Club Risqué, he offers her a job that could drastically help to turn things around for her financially. Day never saw herself as an exotic dancer, but with few options and limited funds, she decides to take the offer.

One night while dancing she sees a handsome man in the crowd named Knight. The initial attraction sparks a feeling inside of Day that she hasn’t felt in a long time but she quickly brushes it off. The last thing she needs right now is a guy adding to her already complicated life. Nevertheless, Knight’s charm is hard to resist.


Taboo Desire: Emily (Forbidden Taboo Erotica)

Sasha Shivers (Author)

Emily is about to leave for college, but the spoiled little brat can’t resist snooping on the man of the house one last time. When he catches her, he takes it upon himself to begin training her in the proper use of the backdoor. All night long.

This 7,000 word taboo erotica story contains acts of forbidden taboo love too spicy to mention here. You’ll have to look inside to find out more.

A less taboo version of this story is available as The Sitter’s Backdoor Training.


Tempted by Blood

Jacqueline Sweet (Author)

Natasha “Nat” Ramirez thinks the worst problems in her life are her middling grades at the Penrose Academy magic school, and the fact that the boy she loves won’t kiss her. But when her late grandmother leaves her a cursed mirror, a whole new world of trouble is revealed.

Tempted by Blood is a short story of magic mirrors, vampire romance, and dark prophecies.