Rachel’s Temptation

Fionna Belle (Author)

When family tragedy sends Rachel to Texas she finds herself separated from her boyfriend for the first time.

But Rachel finds more than she bargained for when she runs into a tall blonde stud named Jessie.

What is it about the man that Rachel can’t say no to … and will she be able to control herself when she finally finds herself alone with Jessie?


Daisy’s Dairy

Narcissa Rivers (Author)

Daisy has been watching girl after girl get pumped and drained by determined, hard cowboys. Now, it has to be her turn, and she will do anything for it!

Her milk-engorged breasts need attention badly! When the two ranchers are finally ready to take her, Daisy can’t believe her luck. Their thick rods and tough demands are just what she needs. By the end of the night, she will definitely be creaming and screaming in their arms!

This short story focuses on a new human cow being taken by cowboys and milked for the first time. This story includes cowboys, human cows, rough sex, plenty of mouth-tingling deliciousness and an ample amount of dairy.


My Teacher My Step

Gillian Cherry (Author)

What’s a graphic arts student doing in a stuffy sociology class? College freshman Ginger Mason is risking everything—her grade point average, her chance to stay in school, and her family’s approval—all so she can get a chance to cozy up to her handsome sexy stepbrother, a teaching assistant in the sociology department.

Graduate teaching assistant Tyler Jameson is shocked to find his skinny, freckled stepsister has grown up and filled out into a hot little coed. Will he be able to resist temptation when his interest and certain body parts start to rise after seeing her in his classroom? After all, not only is she his little sister, but he’s her teacher, too. Double trouble awaits.


Pushing over 40

S M Mala (Author)

Maya wants a baby but at forty two there’s one problem… she hasn’t got a man to help her get pregnant. She created and runs a website called ‘Pushing over 40’ to help women of a certain age trying to have a child. It’s a place where can they give each other advice, support and hope.

And as she tries to find a man to help her with this small task, other than the sperm donation clinic regular taking her money, there are two people who could deliver the goods. Her brother’s new neighbour Tony or her sister in law’s brother, the wayward Adam. Both of whom she really likes but the pair aren’t your usual run of the mill suitors.

But you have to be very careful for what you wish for as Maya then finds out the downside of getting pregnant and how it can really destroy your soul and diminish your hope if things go unexpectedly wrong.

A heart wrenching story dedicated to all women who have loved and lost in the battle to become pregnant when they’re ‘Pushing over 40’… or not.


Psycho Stepbrother

Arabella Abbing (Author)

Rose was a good girl growing up, always following the rules and choosing to concentrate on her grades instead of boys. Primarily because the one boy she wanted, she could never have. Her stepbrother David.

It’s been three years since she’s seen him and a lot has changed since their last meeting. Rose has moved to New York City for college and attracted a boyfriend she can’t escape from. While she misses David far more than she’s willing to admit, she has ultimately let him go.

At least up until Rose is kidnapped and brought face-to-face with the man she thought she’d never see again. She quickly finds out that she isn’t the only one who has changed as she gets sucked into David’s world of criminal activities and his less-than-stable mental state. He’s turned into a man she can hardly recognize; cold, ruthless, and completely insane.


Shooter: in Asia

Sophie Scott (Author)

The Shooter Series
Sexy, handsome and irresistible!
Women throw themselves at Shooter and he never lets an opportunity go by. Shooter is an award winning videographer who encounters beautiful, sexy women on his many assignments around the world.
Can any woman resist Shooter?
Travel with Shooter in the air…Mile high club anyone?
Travel with shooter in Thailand as he samples the delectable food and even more delectable women.
Get to know Shooter and his seasoned taste in women and life.
Readers should be 18 years and above due to the sexually graphic content and is intended for mature readers only..
Scroll up and grab a copy today. You wont be sorry.
This is the first part of the Shooter In Asia series.


Bearback Mountain

Katy Savage (Author)

Dylan is asked by his childhood best friend, Nick, to take a weekend trip to the mountains. Nick had just went through a nasty breakup with his boyfriend and wanted to get away to clear his head.

Dylan was having relationship issues of his own. He had a hard time understanding why he never had a meaningful relationship with a woman.

On their first night at the cabin, Dylan decides to venture outside. He is confronted by a mysterious bear, who transforms into a man. His encounter with this creature opens up a new world for Dylan. Dylan discovers a side of him and his sexuality that he never knew existed.

This is a hot steamy tale of male on male romance. It explores the relationship between two men who were once best friends but discover their feelings run deeper.


Painting The Brat

Stacey Step (Author)

I’m a giver at heart, so when the man of the house’s model cancels on him, of course, I step in to save the day. I have to, his gallery exhibition is tomorrow night.

What he doesn’t know is that I’ve got an exhibition of my own planned. I only hope he finds my curves as delectable as as I’ve found him for the past few years because
there’s no one else I’d rather give my innocence.


Autumn Awakenings

Felicity Ryan (Author)

As the temperatures cool down, things are heating up in the small town of Mesquite, Montana, and it’s all thanks to the Branson Brothers– three brothers, as different as they can be, but none less desirable than the other to the ladies of Mesquite.

Avery Branson has the weight of the world on his broad shoulders, now that he’s in charge of running Rattlesnake Ranch, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make time for a little dalliance here and there.

Bo Branson isn’t too keen on returning to Mesquite after spending wild nights out on the rodeo circuit, but when his brother asks him to put on a show for the town’s Fall Festival, he decides to see what – or rather, who — he’s been missing out on back home.

And then there’s Chance, the youngest of the three. He’s more at home behind a computer than out on the ranch, but even though he didn’t get the cowboy gene, there’s no mistaking those rugged good looks that only the Branson boys possess.

As Rattlesnake Ranch prepares to host the annual Fall Festival, the brothers are busy trying to figure out which local lady is going to offer them the Happily Ever After they’re looking for…or maybe just their Happy For Now.


Rachel’s Temptation

Fionna Belle (Author)

When family tragedy sends Rachel to Texas she finds herself separated from her boyfriend for the first time.

But Rachel finds more than she bargained for when she runs into a tall blonde stud named Jessie.

What is it about the man that Rachel can’t say no to … and will she be able to control herself when she finally finds herself alone with Jessie?


Happy Now?

S M Mala (Author)

Flora fancies Ed, the best looking boy at school.

Ed fancies Flora, a girl he’s got the hots for.

She’s sixteen and he’s fifteen but social circles mean that their paths rarely cross. And when they do, it’s always brief.

One day, they cross in a big way, and they fall in love.

But something unexpected happens and the young lovers never get together.

Twenty five years later, older and wiser, their paths cross again. Too many things have changed and they’ve both been hit by loss and tragedy, one way or another.

A funny, uplifting, romantic tale about young love and whether time can rekindle teenage memories for two forty somethings who have been battered and bruised by time.


Omega’s Lie

Abraham Steele (Author)

Bryant didn’t know, okay? When the Fated Date Agency matched him with an alpha, he had no idea that it was Cade.

Of course, that excuse didn’t hold up for long. Soon the bookish young omega figured out who he was emailing. Bryant made the choice to keep it a secret from the best friend he’d always crushed on – and to let Cade believe he was talking to a woman.

The thing was, Cade was straight. No matter what the agency said about them being fated mates, it was never going to work between them. It would be best for them both if Bryant just stopped emailing him.

Unfortunately for Bryant, his sexy jock friend liked the idea of a girl fated just for him. And he wasn’t going to give up that easily.

Omega’s Lie is a steamy 60-page paranormal gay romance story and the first part of the Fated Dates trilogy.


Passion Patrol 2

Emma Calin (Author)

Another stand-alone story in the “Passion Patrol” series, featuring hot cops, hot crime and hot romance. Following the success of “Passion Patrol 1″
the drama in “Passion Patrol 2″ revolves around another feisty female cop – Shannon Aguerri.

Moved out from the city after one-too-many maverick missions, Shannon discovers there’s more going on in the sleepy country village
than meets the eye. The son of a local aristocrat arouses suspicion of drug crime activity… but his widower father arouses more animal instincts!

Could she really mix with the British royal family? Can she risk her heart and career on yet another high risk unauthorised investigation?
Can she get justice for an innocent boy? Dare a kid from the gutter dream of being a countess?


Royalty, Rockstars & Billionaires

Athena Wright (Author)

As a non-wealthy, non-celebrity scholarship recipient, VIP freshman Aubrey is intent on joining the college’s Literary Society. As a budding erotica writer, she hopes to find a group of like-minded bookworms.

Instead, she is confronted with the VIP Lit executive committee: Luka, the prince, elegant and refined. Is he hiding surprisingly wicked tastes? Jaeson, the billionaire, handsome and alluring with a not-so-secret dominant side. Riot, the rockstar, guarded and aloof. He writes such passionate lyrics, surely there must be more to him than his prickly exterior?

With VIP Lit in danger of being disbanded due to low readership, Aubrey’s erotic stories may be the key to saving them. There’s just one problem: she’s too inexperienced to write the sexy scenes her readers expect. Follow Aubrey’s journey as Luka, Jaeson and Riot use their own unique talents to help her find the inspiration she’s yearning for.


Taboo Passions: Sylvia & Zach

Candy Quinn (Author)

When Zach stumbles upon Sylvia, in a compromising position, he can’t get her out of his head. She’s forbidden to him, totally off limits, and he’d never looked at the slender gymnast like that in the past. But now all he can think of is how she wriggled and squirmed, and how into it she’d been.


Sylvia had no idea Zach saw her in her room. When his games of wrestling over the remote with her turn more serious, though, all she can think of is how taboo his desires for her are. And how it calls into question her own dark interest in Zach.


One Night for Three

Alexa Bond (Author)

An mfm menage short story.

Three close friends are out celebrating Evan’s promotion when he and Greg let it slip that they used to share women. Michelle has never had a threesome before. Now she can’t help but wonder if the two men she is closest to can turn her world upside down.

A standalone hot menage story. For adults only.


Make Me

Vivian Wilde (Author)

Veronica can always feel a pair of eyes on her every time she attends Jamie’s pool parties. None of her friends suspect its Jamie’s dad.

From the upstairs window behind the safety of lacy drapes, Mr. Waters feasts his eyes on Veronica’s skimpy bikinis. But all safe cards are thrown out the window when she ventures inside to use the restroom. Before she can shut the door, Mr. Waters pins her against the vanity, his growing bulge pressed against something that had never had any intruders.

That is, until today.


Sun Stealer. Euphoria

A. Mani (Author)

This is the story about the edge of life. The point where, you can only roll down from. Only, you do not know it is the edge until you taste the cruelness of your fall. So you keep on traveling it carelessly, sucking the fresh air, capturing your surrounding. Deep down you know, at the end of every hill there is a big fall but at that time, I had no reason to fear that fall. I was in a state of euphoria. We all were. And at this state, you feel like everything is right as it should be and that nothing can go wrong. But it can.
Before I will tell you how it began, let me tell you how it ended.
“Sun Stealer. Euphoria.” is a sequel to “The Knowing” and the third volume of the Sun Stealer book series.


Lucien’s Mate

Diana Persaud (Author)

“The man wants to seduce you with words. The wolf wants to throw you over my shoulder, take you to my bed and pleasure you until you say you are mine.”

-Lucien, Alpha of the Last Hope Werewolf Pack

From the moment Lucien, Alpha of the Last Hope Werewolf pack, sees Lanie, he knows she is his. Overtly sexual by nature, Lucien pursues Lanie, undeterred by the fact that she is Human and their union is forbidden.

When she encounters an Alpha Werewolf determined to have her, Lanie is flattered and confused. The unworldly, innocent Lanie is terrified of her intense desire for Lucien.


One Night Only

Emily Devereaux (Author)

This is an erotic bedtime short story. Approximate word count is 4,000 words. Story involves graphic language and sex scenes.

Lisa is sexually frustrated. Her job requires her to work odd hours, so she doesn’t have a night life.

And the people she works with are not what you would call her cup of tea.

It has been way too long, and she is about to burst.

Thankfully, a gorgeous, powerful man enters her reach and takes her to places she’s never been.