Contract with the Billionaire

by Jack Woolf (Author)

Jake and Stephen grew up together. Down on his luck and needing a place to crash, Jake knows there’s plenty of room in Stephen’s gated mansion. Stephen gladly welcomes Jake into his home, but the young billionaire’s generosity comes with strings attached—something he’s wanted for a very long time.

Jake is a straight man and always has been. But when Stephen hands him the blindfold, Jake has no choice but to cover his eyes and take whatever comes. No matter how forbidden, or taboo.


Supernatural Seductions III

by Kiki Wellington (Author)

Olivia needs to get away–away from the job that she hates, from the stress, and from the fact that she hasn’t had sex since…she doesn’t even know. When a friend gives her the opportunity to spend a free weekend at a country bed and breakfast, with the promise of an out-of-town hook up, it seems like the perfect remedy for her discontent.

And the trip doesn’t disappoint: Throughout the weekend, Olivia becomes possessed by unexplained sexual cravings that bring her to the heights of pleasure. But who is she sharing all of these delicious desires with? What is the unseen force that is making her orgasm over and over and over again?


Bear With Me

by Terra Wolf (Author)

Billionaire bear shifter Chase Hammer is on the verge of losing it all. As his company’s stocks plummet in a post-recession New York City, Chase’s primal side fights to emerge. The more stress the concrete jungle breeds, the more urgent his bear’s needs seem. In a last ditch effort to relieve stress, get his head on straight, and steer his company back in the right direction, Chase takes a spontaneous trip to his late parents’ stomping grounds in the sanctity of Appalachia.

Curvy and quick-witted Carolina beauty Andrea Sloan lives in the small mountain town of Boone. With long days consisting of hiking trips and exploring along the Blue Ridge Parkway, Andrea has found true contentment in the mountain air. That contentment, however, breeds boredom and a need for adventure beyond what a simple mountain life can provide. So when a stranger from New York, dressed in designer clothes and wielding an air of mystery about him shows up in Boone just in time to rescue her from certain death, she can’t help but be intrigued.


My Alpha’s Ghost: Haunted

by Wolf Specter (Author), G. G. Géricault (Author)

For the entirety of his adult life, Sebastian Bloodgood—omega of the Lazarus Pack—has dreamed of his alpha, Damon Wakewood. Packlore regards such dreams as a portent for fated mates. With Damon now dead, the dreams are all Sebastian has left.

Or are they?

Sebastian’s intimate dreams are more than a memory of his would-be mate; they are Damon’s way of reaching out from the beyond. To save Damon, Sebastian must uncover the truth behind his dreams.


Hucow of the Aliens Returns

by Irma Marazza (Author)

Vicki thought she was being drafted into the Terran army to fight the alien invaders. The news reports said the aliens were dangerous, powerful, and out to conquer humanity. But once on the front lines, Vicki learns that the aliens are nothing like what the government claims. They aren’t hostile at all. In fact, all they want from Vicki is her milk. And they have ways of ensuring she finds being their hucow very pleasurable indeed…


Mobster’s Girl

by Amy Rachiele (Author), Deanna Riccitelli (Editor)

Mobster Romance Book (Free Mobster Book)
Gripping my chest is the only way to hold myself together or what’s left of me will fall out. The past week has enlightened me on one thing-I don’t care.
Megan, Mobster’s Girl

I didn’t even hesitate. I took two strides and blasted him in the face with my fist. He was ready for it this time-unlike in church. He tried to hit me back but I ducked and smashed him again.
Antonio, Mobster’s Girl

You can’t help what family you’re born into or what lies they keep from you. You can’t help it if they mold and shape you just the way they wanted. Are monsters born or made?

Antonio and Megan have a timeless issue. They were told to stay away from each other. They try, they really do. But they are drawn to each other.

Antonio is eighteen and the up and coming mob boss of Palmetto, New Jersey. Megan is a girl uprooted from the grassy plains of Ireland at the age of five. Now she’s seventeen and faced with horrors she never thought existed.
Get caught up in an Italian Mafia Romance Novel!


Take Me

by Gracia Ford (Author)

Chloe Evans is a struggling, twenty-five-year-old teacher whose husband has left her penniless and homeless. The last thing she needs in her live is another man. Yet, she has to give up her profession after her estranged husband’s indiscretion with a student. Her mom supports her, but it is clear that she has to stand on her own two feet.

As a single mom, Chloe is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, working for the Walkers. She will be able to provide private education and a new home for her daughter. Until she starts having fantasies about her boss. The billionaire, Simon Walker has not only his eyes on Chloe, but also his hands as he tries to take her. No matter how much she tries to resist temptation she finds it hard with the mysterious and troubled billionaire.


Stepbrother Dearest

by Foxy Tale (Author)

Part 1 – Cassie…

I threw away my pride and wiped away my tears as he held me in his arms. His confessions of him wanting me for life sealed our love. Now, we are together it is far from a happy ever after. I’m not sure if I can bear it anymore.

Why does the media think that they have the right to decide if our relationship is wrong or right?
Why do the kids treat my son as if he has a disease?

It’s got to stop one way or another. We are human after all, so why does everyone treat us like animals?


Maelstrom 1

by Yamila Abraham (Author), Himitsu Studio (Illustrator)

Demetri knows giving in to Malstrum’s desires will protect his band of miners, but the heterosexual Earthling will struggle with violent courtship rituals on a planet devoid of women.

Demetri messed up in the military and now must serve as a miner on Earth’s ally planet Secren. This is the last place he wants to be. Earth men are considered small and cute to the violent Secren men. Demetri already ran a mine on the ice world Donovan. This gives him enough notoriety for mine overlord Malstrum to take an interest in him.


The Sexual Adventures of Peter and Lena

by K.B. Jantzen (Author), Candace Stewart (Illustrator)

Illustrated Erotica Is Here!
When a retired detective-turned-farmer crosses paths with a beautiful, young, Greek bank executive, they unite to fulfill their sexual fantasies together. He’s in an open marriage, trying to free his young lover from her dead one, but her lies and mistrust continually stymie his efforts. Can he overcome her resistance that forces him to extreme methods he’d rather not use, and finally set her heart and body free? Or will she continue to fight and resist, suspicious of his motives, because freedom always has a price?


The Vanilla Bet

by Ella Emerson (Author)

Trace Weston lives in the beautiful Palm Beaches. A college student who would rather party his life away than accept his father’s company. He loses a bet at a college party and has to have a “vanilla” relationship with a girl he has never met.

Vanessa Summers, moved to Florida to attend college for her love of the arts. She also left behind a dark past that haunts her every day. She meets Trace and is instantly taken with his irresistible charm. Will she be able to keep her secrets hidden? Will Trace be able to help her find the answers to what she is searching for? Will they be able to find who and what is trying to keep them apart?



by SF Tanner (Author)

GAY BDSM Erotica. Jesse Ryan is a young hottie just coming on the San Francisco kink scene. After being dumped by his alpha jock boyfriend, the 22-year-old impulsively disappears into a new life with a hardcore master. To the young Jesse, they were just words. But his new master quickly and brutally teaches Jesse exactly what NO LIMIT and NO WAY OUT mean for a slave boy. WARNING: Hardcore action.


Eternal Ever After

by A.C. James (Author)

His past holds a secret…

Arie Cush has a secret that he thought he’d left behind. When his past follows him to Chicago he must protect someone that reminds him of all the painful memories he’s tried so hard to forget. But when every touch from her sets his heart and body on fire–he finds it hard to maintain his aloof façade.

that becomes her nightmare.

Holly Ellis has secrets of her own. An encounter with the handsome stranger who frequents her coffee shop reveals a vampire with baggage. Even though it might be more than she bargained for, she can’t resist the one person who understands her. But her life is in danger and a supernatural threat could reveal the underground world of vampires to humankind in this Gothic Cinderella re-telling.


Taking Tammy: Taming the Hucow

by Narcissa Rivers (Author)

When the determined, muscled ranchers drink from Tammy’s sexy, curvy friend Milly’s jugs, Tammy can’t resist anymore. She is begging to be taken and pumped dry before she bursts!

Her milk-engorged breasts need attention and the demanding cowboys are glad to fill her with thick rods and drink from her overflowing breasts. Can Tammy take all the creamy deliciousness or is her release too much to take?


Christmas Embrace

by Emily Walters (Author)

Hamilton Clouse is the eldest son of billionaire businessman Roger Clouse, and an executive at Clouse Industries. Lately, Hamilton and his more troubled younger brother Ryan have been the topic of many tabloid stories. This Christmas, Roger, his wife, and both sons are heading to the family compound to relax and spend some much needed time away from the tabloids. Sarah Armstrong, an ambitious journalist working for Pulse magazine, gets a chance for promotion when her boss sends her to the Clouse mansion to get pictures of the family. On her way there, Hamilton’s car hits Sarah’s. He brings her to his family home to warm up and get checked for injuries. Sarah and Hamilton hit it off, and the family invites Sarah to stay a couple days while her car is getting fixed. Ryan has brought home a girlfriend, Eva, and when they get engaged, Sarah is ecstatic at having the scoop on the latest Clouse family gossip. As Sarah’s feelings for Hamilton and his whole family grow, however, she calls her boss and says that she will not provide information for the sensational article. Eva finds out that Sarah works for Pulse and threatens to tell the family if Sarah doesn’t leave. But before Sarah can leave, Pulse issues a scoop story about Ryan and Eva’s impending wedding which threatens to destroy Sarah’s budding relationship with Hamilton.


The Billionaire’s Baby Bargain

by Mia Caldwell (Author)

All she wanted was a baby…

Beautiful, smart, and successful, Maya Robinson seemed to have it all. She had been keeping a painful secret however; she has desperately wanted a child. After being diagnosed with infertility, Maya thought her dreams would never come true. Then, one day, a mix-up at the fertility clinic resulted in the miracle she had been longing for…


The Girls of Takers

by Alisa Anderson (Author), Cameron Skye (Author)

Wynter is anything but cold…

It’s Retribution’s last night in town, and band members Jaxon and Elijah don’t know what owner Nick Roman signed them up for this evening. They enter the double doors and meet the elusive Wynter, in the Champagne room at Takers Gentlemen Club.

Reserved for high rollers only.

Beautiful. Russian. Used to getting what she wants.

She’s calling the shots tonight, and tonight…

she wants them.

Warning: Seriously HOT Book. Contents may explode under pressure. Viewer Discretion is most certainly advised.


Trust Me

by S M Mala (Author)

His life has gone off the boil… in more ways than one.
Now clean of bad influences and his ex-wife, Kit concentrates on being a good father and business owner.
But things are about to take a strange turn when he finds himself embroiled in a kidnap plan.
The problem is he has to do the background work… including teaching a tap class dance twice a week when he hasn’t tapped for twenty years!
And no-one is telling him which one is ‘the target’ so it’s a case of elimination. Could it be the beautiful Ingrid? The sexually frustrated Angela? Or the fruitcake Sasha?
Assisted by two ex-marines, and trying to keep his brother off the scent, can Kit succeed in the tap dance kidnap without losing everything he’s got?
An unconventional bitter sweet, romantic comedy about trusting and loving once again.


The New Governess

by Kinsey Grey (Author)

Lovely and Untouched Stella Wilson lands a position at Cocke House tutoring the three Viscounts, who turn out to be mischievous and deeply fascinated by Miss Wilson’s lessons on female anatomy. The eldest brother Simon is studying to be a doctor, and he directs Miss Wilson to lift her skirts, baring her privates completely for the edification of the others. Simon then brings the innocent Miss Wilson to her first climax as he uses his fingers to show his brothers which part is which.

Miss Wilson is deeply humiliated and yet thrilled by the handsome Simon’s attentions, yet when a loud knock is heard on the schoolroom door while her skirts are around her hips, she fears for her position and her dignity.