Painted Faces

L.H. Cosway (Author)

Come forth with an open mind, for an unconventional tale of love..

Dublin native Freda Wilson considers herself to be an acquired taste. She has a habit of making offensive jokes and speaking her mind too often. She doesn’t have the best track record with first impressions, which is why she gets a surprise when her new neighbour Nicholas takes a shine to her.

Nicholas is darkly handsome, funny and magnetic, and Freda feels like her black and white existence is plunged into a rainbow of colour when she’s around him. When he walks into a room he lights it up, with his quick wit and charisma. He is a travelling cabaret performer, but Freda doesn’t know exactly what that entails until the curtains pull back on his opening night.


Smart Boy (Gay First Time Erotica)

AJ Sisko (Author), Misha Horne (Author)

Damon Price is obnoxious, aggressive, and flat out gorgeous. There’s nothing Josh wants more than a first time with someone dark and dangerous like him. But Damon doesn’t know he exists.

That changes when Josh makes him look stupid in front of their college English class. Suddenly, Damon knows exactly who he is– the smartest boy in school who needs to be taught some tough lessons. And inexperienced Josh is extremely eager to learn.

Expect erotic acts from head to toe, in this sizzling story of a gay college student’s first encounter with a more experienced man. Includes showering, spanking, bondage, humiliation, and unauthorized use of bunk beds and tube socks.


Lemon Drops and Love

Angela Stevens (Author)

For years, Jude loved Maya from afar. When she falls into his arms at his sister’s wedding, Jude decides he’s waited long enough. But it’s complicated. Maya’s no longer the carefree, self-assured woman he once knew. Frightened, vulnerable, her confidence crushed, Maya is unable to see a way out of an abusive relationship. But Jude Holland is not going to stand back and watch this happen. After rescuing her from Carl’s clutches, he plans to stay and pick up the pieces, but he didn’t bank on Carl’s unwillingness to let go.


Her Naughty Show: Forbidden Taboo Erotica

Iris Black (Author)

Jack is the MAN OF THE HOUSE and the one everyone turns to when they’re having computer troubles. While investigating Kelly’s computer problems, he finds out about her part time job – doing webcam shows for men over the Internet. At first he’s upset, then he’s excited. At least, until Kelly comes home from school and finds him watching her latest video.


VOLUME: Bastian’s Black Book

J.R Sutton (Author)

There are two kinds of men in this world. Male chauvinist, and then there are men who truly love women. Men who think women to be one of the most beautiful, mysterious and powerful of beings on this Earth, and that’s me. I love women. I love the way they think and smell. The feel of their hot damp skin pressed against mine. Even their manipulative, and cunning ways hold something in them to be endeared. Legs, breasts, and full lips, the way they move. The love, and admiration I have for the female sex knows no limit.


Backstage Groupie

C.K. Jones (Author)

Lee Grox is the hottest, biggest, blackest rock star on earth. And tonight he has HOT plans for one little, white, innocent groupie named Jake. Nothing turns Lee on more than dominating and tempting his fans until they cave and join him in depravity.

Taken backstage and given a true rock star treatment, Jake finds himself turning from an angelic fan to a wanton groupie. The wild life of rock and roll is about to change his world forever, as he finds out just how hot it can get backstage.


Ice Hockey Heat

Gin LaSalle (Author)

Matt Perriseau, rising star forward of the Flat Top Rattlers, has it all going for him. His pro hockey career is taking off, but sometimes he can’t stop thinking about what he left behind.

Now he has no choice but to face the past when he’s up against his old lover’s team!

On the ice with Jakob Wikstrom in goal for the opposition, Matt finds himself distracted by memories of their secret romance. The tall Nordic god of a goaltender used to set Matt on fire, and the second they lock eyes across the rink, Matt knows that fire hasn’t gone out.

Ice Hockey Heat is a steamy tale of jock erotica that details what happens when old lovers reunite and can’t keep their hands off each other!

And once you’re finished with volume one, Ice Hockey Heat 2 is now available!


Forbidden Duties

Q.R. Braddock (Author)

Working for the man of the house used to mean picking up her room. Now he signs her paycheck. Elise thought working for James was just going to be a way to make a little money, but it turns out he expects a lot more from his secretaries than speedy typing. Forbidden or not, she’s determined to meet every one of his taboo demands.

This ~4800 word short is for adult audiences only and contains explicit sexual material, including forbidden loves so hot and taboo, you’ll just have to click “Look Inside” to see what it’s all about. In addition, it contains themes of offices and extraordinary secretarial work.


A Law Affair

L.S. Banks (Author)

“You know…there are so many things that my wife will not let me do to her,” James suddenly said.
“Like what?” I curiously asked. I wanted to be the woman that satisfied James in ways that no one else could.
“Let me show you,” James replied.

Estelle, a young, attractive, articling student falls head over heels for James’, a hotshot lawyer. He has no idea what he has gotten himself into…


Bachelorette Confessions: Part 1

Nadia Grey (Author)

On Caitlin’s last night as a bachelorette an erratic game of truth or dare reveals secrets about the wedding party. A night in New York changes their lives forever giving Caitlin a big decision to make. Is the married life really what she wants or will she choose a the tantalizing excitement of being single.

Find out about this Girls Night Out in Bachelorette Confessions.


Voluptuous: Part 1

Sasha Livingston (Author)

Big girls like to have fun too! Alyssa is tired of being a good girl and wants to get naughty, but she can’t do that being her self. So she turns into someone else to seduce a one night flame. The only problem is, her throwaway lover is hard to give up.

Does she tell him the truth? Keep the lie going? Or turn back into her old boring self?


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Little Red Whore Hood

Burns Well (Author, Illustrator)

“Little Red Whore Hood” is a parody of “Little Red Riding Hood”. It might make you laugh, it will probably make you vomit, and it will definitely cause you to question your faith in humanity. If you’re a little bitch who throws temper tantrums when your weak grip on reality gets a good shake, or if fiction gets you flustered, then I’m afraid you’re too much of a pussy to be allowed to read this book. So please save your money, so you can go buy a dildo and fuck yourself with it. Thank you very, very much.


Face First (Tug Johnson’s Hot Tales Book 1)

Tug Johnson (Author)

Fourteen years of marriage meant Amber and Jimmy had sex boiled down to a grim routine. It was fun, sure it was always fun – but Amber yearned for something a little bit more spontaneous.

Some kind of a surprise.

It turns out that Jimmy has been feeling that same way too.

It turns out that Jimmy has prepared a little bit of something different for his wife Amber this evening.

It starts out with a blindfold.

Jimmy’s got a night planned for Amber that she isn’t EVER going to forget.

He and his buddy Hank…


Busted By The Man Of The House

Ruby Tucker (Author)

Mandy is just looking out for her friend Kimberly when she agrees to escort her to the dark industrial side streets to find men to hook up with. Mandy would never, ever do such a thing.

But when Kimberly is gone, it’s Vince, the man of the house who rolls up next, and he is furious! Vince demands that she get in the car immediately, and doesn’t seem to believe her when she says she has never let anyone touch her.

She’ll do anything to convince him! Anything and everything he commands!!


The Secretary’s Dilemma – Volume 1

C. K. Bishop (Author)

Chan is a smart, driven woman who has been forced into an assistant position that is far beneath her skill level. She lets her new boss know, in no uncertain terms, exactly what she thinks of this new arrangement. However, his disarming sensibility and good looks threaten to break down her guard. Now Chan must learn to balance job dissatisfaction with a growing passion for her superior!


The House: Come Find Your Fantasy

Cassie Alexander (Author)

The House is a place where all of your desires can be realized — all you have to do is open the door.

Will you unlock the room with two men waiting to serve you? Or the one with dom inside? Which mask will you choose to wear to the ball? Who will you be for the night – and how many people will you sleep with along the way?

The House is a sexually explicit erotic adventure novel that lets you choose your path. It includes intense scenes of BDSM, bondage, spanking, MMF, FFF, orgies, etc.

The House has a door for everyone inside — especially you.


Sun Stealer. The knowing (Volume 2)

A. Mani (Author)

I could not tell what had led to the events that came afterwards. Next thing, I found myself lying on the ground, bleeding to death. A sharp tool hit me. A tool I had never seen before. It must have been from the civilized zone. And as I was lying on the ground, facing the sky, hearing the sounds of hunting and fighting of the finale battle, I thought to myself; this was what I wanted. This was what I was missing all that time. I could hear my cats roaring as a sign of rage. They raged about the hurt of their leader by the humans. I was their leader. I was the Sun Stealer. They were now fighting my battles and playing my voice and even though, I was lying there helpless, waiting for my end, I knew it: I had never felt so safe before. Never in my life. My kingdom was destroyed. My legacy was dying. And so was I. “Sun Stealer. The Knowing” is a sequel to “Hidden Anomaly” and the second volume of the Sun Stealer’s book series.


Inviting Trouble

Nancey Cummings (Author)

Like a little noir in your erotica? Investigating the murder of her best friend, Trixie must work with the distractingly hot cop in her hometown. How far will Trixie go to uncover the truth? Trixie has a feeling that she’s the kind of girl who goes all the way.

This novella features sexually explicit scenes and is not intended only for those over the age of eighteen. All characters are age eighteen and older.


Sins of the Flesh (Exposed Series, #1)

Hazel Kelly (Author)

Kate is a senior in high school. She is beautiful, smart, and the second highest point scorer on the lacrosse team. She also drinks too much. Mostly to distract herself from her eating disorder, how much she hates her Mom, and the fact that she can’t stop hooking up with the wrong guy.

Dawn is a young forty something who neither looks nor feels her age. She is a sexy, liberated professional who has always lived by her own rules. But her insistence on personal freedom has left her estranged from her family. Which she pretends to be okay with. Until she finds out that she doesn’t have another forty years to make amends. The doctor says she’ll be lucky if she lives another six months.

Both of these women are dying inside a little bit every day.

Until fate brings them together.


Fly You To The Moon

Jocelyn Han (Author)

After her father’s death, the last thing Ava Windsor wants is to leave Earth and move to an Elite colony on the moon for the next ten months. Nicolas, a distant relative she doesn’t even remember meeting, is to be her custodian until she reaches the age of twenty-one. Until then, she is not allowed to touch the money her dad has left her. Being the only child of a disowned Elite father and a common mother just got a lot more complicated.

But surviving among the Luna Six Elitists who treat commoners as servants should have been the least of Ava’s worries. Nicolas Carter is nothing like she expected. He condemns the Elite lifestyle, he is a lot younger than her father, and he is definitely way sexier.
Ten months on the moon seem like an eternity if you know you shouldn’t be falling for your guardian… but just can’t help yourself.