Fiona Takes On The Firefighters

Q.R. Braddock (Author)

Hunky, broad-shouldered, tight-ended firemen everywhere! Just one stupid little mistake and suddenly I have the whole department at my door, here to save me from a bag of burnt popcorn. It’s not a real fire, but it’s only right that I thank each and every one of them for going through the trouble. While it would be my first time, they deserve only the best for their fast response. I give them everything they want, hard and without protection.


Under Pressure

Rhonda Lee Carver (Author)

The oldest of three sisters, Jewels Stone takes care of everyone, especially those she loves. When she finds out the youngest Stone is duped, she plans to rope and wrangle the cowboy to teach him a lesson on how to treat a woman.

Tied to a bedpost and as mad as a hornet, Spark Ryder wants to toss Jewels over his knee and spank her. Problem is, he’d enjoy it too much. Held hostage by rope and wax strips, he tries to convince her that she has the wrong cowboy. But how can he convince her that he’s innocent when she’s out to settle a score against all men?

While seeking revenge, Jewels finds a passion that’ll have her hanging by a dream. The pressure is too much and loose threads holding the past begin to unravel. Her brain urges her to run while her heart wishes to stay.

Spark wants nothing but distance with Jewels, but when things start to heat up on the Rhinestone Ranch, he samples Jewels’ treasure and finds himself on the wrong end of the rope again—but it’s his soul that’s bound to a woman who will never trust.

He wants to stitch her broken heart, but will he walk before his own heart is in need of mending?



Andrina Coy (Author)

So says Mattie Martinson, a woman who constantly craves those too few moments when the world retreats behind the wall of her own physical pleasures. Whether at work, out with friends, or alone at home, her thoughts inevitably turn to getting off, be it with a man, another woman, or just herself. This day was to be no different, but different it was.

Following yet another public tryst, Mattie is greeted by a stranger who offers her money for doing what she has for so long, done for free. It is the start of a sordid series of events that will push her to the brink of her own personal safety and self-awareness – a journey beginning with the viewing of a pornographic video that introduces her to a man who appears to make all things pleasure-related possible.

She must have him.


Insatiable Desire Box Set

Diamond Foxx (Author)

After catching her cheating boyfriend in the act with her best friend, Abigail desperately needs an ego boost. Her confidence dashed to smithereens, she has the overwhelming desire to feel that she is still an attractive woman.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Abigail makes an appointment at an underground club – once which caters exclusively to the desires of the female persuasion.

But once the young lady has a taste for what the club can offer, she realizes that her ego is more damaged that she first thought. It will take a lot of work – and a lot of men – to soothe her bruised sense of self-esteem.

From beginning to end these stories are packed full of hot scenes, guaranteed to turn you on!


Using the Babysitter

Amber Sunwell (Author)

Nina just turned eighteen, and now that’s she’s legal, I think it’s about time I encouraged her to act on the crush she’s had on my husband. She’s flirted with him for four years, and if something is going to happen, I damn well better be involved. With the kids out of the house, I’m not sure if it’s myself or my husband who desires her more. Nina’s first time with a woman will sure be a memorable one; I’ll see to that.



Layla Laguna (Author)

Phase Three of the experiment has begun: DOCTORX has eyes all over the Panopticon and BABY waits patiently for further instruction.
Now that the intensive training has taken hold, BABY has fully converted into a beast of sex, a pneumatic doll, a gender-swapped, bimbofied hottie ready to take anything that comes at her.
DOCTORX has put out yet another call: first come, first serve. He’s activated the scoreboard to see how many orgasms BABY can have in twenty-four hours…


Headed South

Emily Sinns (Author)

WARNING: This work contains adult material and explicit depictions of sexual acts between consenting adults. This is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 years old.

Scenes of masturbation, oral, sex, and public sex.


Anything For An A

L Hannover (Author)

In high school, Kat was always a straight A student—good grades, popularity, a great boyfriend…everything came easily for her! But college is another story. When she neglects to study for an important exam, she gets the first F of her life!

Now, she has to go beg her professor for another chance…or some extra credit! She thinks he’ll be a pushover, but he’s a dominant, dirty old man who only has one thing on his mind… Will Kat willingly trade her innocence for a better grade? Some girls really will do anything to get that A!


Jack & His Python

Thrust (Author)

When Lucy finds herself at home alone with the MAN OF THE HOUSE Jack, she doesn’t expect him to invite himself into her room, sit down on the bed, and test it for suitability. She definitely doesn’t expect him to pat the soft duvet and invite her to sit down next to him, nor does she expect herself to comply. When he moves his hand up to her mouth there is no way in the world she would have seen herself sucking his thumb, and when he moves her hand across to his thigh, she would never have imagined finding the ‘huge secret’ he kept there, nor to experience the irresistible desire that overwhelms her, to have him put it anywhere inside her body it would fit. For Lucy, tonight is going to be a night of first times and incredibly pleasant surprises.

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to tell you any more about this story. You’ll just have to click “Look Inside” to read more!


Fun With The Frat Boys

Diamond Foxx (Author)

Brianna knew it was late, but with the power to transport herself into her favorite adult films, she just couldn’t justify going to sleep. Not now, not when she had only begun to experience the wildest limits of her erotic fantasies.

But despite her seemingly limitless energy, time was running out. With only a few hours until she needed to be at work, she only had time for one more romp. Her desire for beefed up alpha males still going strong, she soon finds herself in a frat house, filled with eager and sexy frat boys.

This hot story is packed with erotic scenes from beginning to end! You’ll definitely want to keep this one around…



Bella Love-Wins (Author)

~ She was hoping for a hero, but never realized who she would save. ~

This is a contemporary, new adult romance serial. For 18+ readers.

Kate Samuel thought she had left it all behind. The life of a billionaire’s daughter, and her incessant search for her macho hero type.

When she saved a neighbor’s young son during a fire at her new row house home in lower Manhattan, everything changed. And firefighter Lieutenant Matt Lewis made it all the more confusing.

Yeah…he was hotter than any man she imagined being with, but could he be just like the rest of the hero heart-breakers?

Find out by reading HERO, Book 1 of The Billionaire Salvation Series. Note: This is the first of at least 4 books in the serial.


A Summer Dream

Bianca Vix (Author)

Lillah needed to recover from the aftermath of her divorce and having a fun, relaxing day at the beach was just the ticket. But everything changes when she meets two hot guys who like to share and she ends up having the night of her dreams with both of them. Lillah had no idea she would end up wanting Ty and Carson as much as they want each other!

Don’t read this short story unless you’re good and ready for a hot MMF threesome sexual pairing.



Celeste Hall (Author)

Be careful what you dream…

Ethan knows that his entire race hovers on the brink of extinction.
Strict laws that have protected their species are now being challenged. Laws created to prevent demons and humans from consorting outside of the Dream.
But there is something about Madison that draws him – despite the consequences.

Madison Gray was hired to do a job, but all she can think about are the erotic dreams she keeps having about her new employer.
To make matters worse, he keeps looking at her as if he knows exactly what she’s considering.


BBW Lost and Found

Jessica Johannsen (Author)

What do you do when you find out that your husband is cheating on you with a much younger, much thinner blonde? Well, if you’re Belinda, you go on The Cruise of course!

Belinda hasn’t had sex in over a year, ever since her husband Stanley moved out of the bedroom and became a permanent resident of the den. Before that, it was once a month. It’s unacceptable, as Belinda’s best friend, Theresa, would say.

Now, looking at pictures of Stanley’s mistress, Belinda is devastated. But when she walks in on them having sex inside her house, Belinda makes a rash decision of going on The Cruise.

Here comes Michael, the man of her dreams, who has found her when she’s lost in pain. After spending half a day with him, Belinda’s already asking, “Stanley who?” And they haven’t even been intimate yet.

But it’s only a weeklong cruise. Can the cruise fling become relationship?

And Belinda is still married to Stanley…


Claimed by the Billionaire

Danielle Jamesen (Author)

I turned my head to look at him, our lips inches apart and our eyes looking at each other. I wanted him to kiss me. I wasn’t going to initiate such a thing. This went well beyond what I knew was proper or acceptable to do with your boss. He must have been thinking the same because he didn’t act on it either.

Suddenly, his cellphone rang, going off with a loud chiming noise that made me jump to the other end of the couch almost in one movement, as though we were teenagers about to get caught. He picked up his cellphone and I left his office quickly. I felt like a ludicrous idiot. What were we going to do, kiss? It seemed absurd that I was letting a couple of fantasies bring me to this level of insanity.


Despite the Gentleman’s Riches

Aimee Easterling (Author)

Ginny and Jack go together like bean sprouts and French fries.

Ever since her parents died in a car wreck while she was a tween, Ginny has yearned to be part of a family. Years later, she joins a nonprofit that is struggling to save her community from a polluting power plant, and in the process the young woman finally discovers like-minded souls.

But when an unbearably handsome power-plant executive comes to town, Ginny’s simple world is tilted on its axis. With an effort, she’s able to ignore Jack’s good looks, but she has a harder time steering clear of his anguished younger sister, whose pain puts all of Ginny’s nurturing instincts on high alert.

As the young woman hovers on the cusp between two new families, she realizes that she can’t have it all. But will Ginny be able to choose between her nonprofit buddies and the enticing businessman without losing her heart?


Step Inside

Belle Chastain (Author)

She’s everything I’ve always wanted. Beautiful. Confident. Sexy as hell. If she were a college girl, I’d have her wrapped around my finger in an instant, begging to give it all away. But she’s not. She’s a grown woman who’s beyond off-limits. Wanting her is wrong. Forbidden. But rules were made to be broken—hard and without protection.

When Jim served me with divorce papers, I thought my life was over. Washed up at thirty. But then he came home. My secret fantasy—the young man I shouldn’t lust for, crave, fantasize about in my big empty bed. But I do. I know it’s dirty and wrong. Taboo. But he’s everything I’ve been missing. One illicit night won’t send me to hell, will it?


All’s Fair

Sasha Gold (Author)

A flash of light broke her reverie. She blinked and looked around to find that he had taken a picture. In one swift motion he captured her wrists and pinned them above her head, and swung his leg over her pressing her down into the mattress. Once more she was his captive and she stared at him in bewilderment.

“What are you doing?”

“Updating Facebook.” He showed her the picture he’d taken. It showed him lying on top of her, kissing her passionately, his hand on her breast – which thank goodness was a little blurry.


His Name is Killian

Ella Adamian (Author)

Killian Stone paints harpies.
Killian Stone is not into vanilla sex.
Killian Stone suffers from mood swings.
Killian Stone has done something very bad.

The day the painter approaches her on the bridge and asks her to pose for him is the beginning of a lust Melissa won’t be able to bridle. His unhinged sexuality lets her explore her own dark fantasies, but his anger outbursts are scary and devastating. As the time goes by, Melissa realizes there’s something more than just irritability and anger. He has done something which doesn’t let him rest.